Explorations in Other Realities

I wish to reflect on a phenomenon I experience which is similar to astral projection.  I plan on writing another blog post in the near future about my astral projection experiences, however, these experiences revolve around projecting into other realities, as physical, and as “real” as our own.

We are surrounded by a myriad of realities, the endless possibilities, of timelines and choices and alternatives created by the infinite consciousness.  Even without any sort of direct projection experience, I usually sense these realities just on the edge of our own.  At twilight, especially, I can feel the glimpses of other worlds, just beyond our limited sensory perception.  With the use of plant medicines and other mind altering substances, many people begin to perceive these possibilities.  As the limited perception we usually live our lives in begins to fall, we begin to notice that reality is in fact pliable.

It begins similarly to an astral projection experience.  I typically meditate, either before bed or in the mornings, and fall into some state of unconsciousness.  When I become lucid, I find myself in an alternative version of reality, another version of my apartment, typically similar (though not always) with some details changed, or entirely different altogether.  Sometimes, all I get is a glimpse, though these glimpses are occurring with increased frequency.  I may see what looks almost like a photograph in my mind of one part of my apartment.  But the decorations are different.  There’s another life that’s being lived inside those walls.

However, I have also had experiences projecting into realities very different from ours.  I intend to use this post to catalog and share those experiences.  In many of them, I am experiencing different versions of my own life, however, that is not always the case.

What separates these experiences from lucid dreaming is the sheer physicality of these experiences.  Especially now, as I’m becoming more and more awake to them, I usually go crazy looking around, touching objects, investigating everything when I’m within them.

But I will say, sometimes there is overlap between the dream world and these worlds.  At times, I find myself in a dream and then project into another reality, or vice versa.  So, I think that these planes intersect and intertwine with the dream and astral/imaginative planes in ways I don’t understand.  I’m sure they are somehow linked to other dimensions as well.

Additionally, another difference is that these experiences can create closed eye “impressions”.  For example, I will be unconscious and than suddenly receive an “impression” that is like a 3D photo.  I am somewhere between being inside of it and glimpsing into it, and usually when I become conscious, the impression begins to fade and I return to my body.  But they leave these very “real”, uncanny sensations to them.  They are not like simply receiving a vision or an insight.  It feels like I’m literally getting a glimpse into…somewhere!

Here we go!

Momento of Alternative Massage Therapy Class

Apartment almost identical to my own, however, on my window I find a card that has a photo and several names attached to it.  They were names I did not recognize, and they had come from a group of classmates who graduated with me from a massage therapy program “I” never attended.

World of the Flying Rays

In one experience, I became lucid in my bed and then looked out the window.  Most of the outside looked the same, except that there were great, sting-ray like beings flying in the sky.  They were beautiful – blue colored, their wings like magnificent kites.

The 19th Century Apartment

I woke up in one version of my apartment that was all dark, hard woods, with old built in cabinets and a fireplace.

“European” World

Walking around a city, on what is, in our reality, US territory, however, this culture had distinctly European features and people.  When I talked to the people there, they told me that this reality had developed differently than our own, due to some sort of catastrophe in the late 1800’s.  The US as we know it did not exist.


Closed eye visual, or impression, of a old-fashioned, western style saloon that opened up in my bedroom.

Friend with Leg Injury

I became lucid in an reality where I was hanging out with one of my friends from this reality.  However, she had a cast on her leg and was walking into my bedroom with a cane.  I asked her how she injured her leg and she replied, “Stop being silly, you know how I did it.” She’s never injured her leg in this reality.  I freaked out realizing I was in another timeline.


Woke up in an apartment with several roommates.  As I looked outside, I saw we lived in a very rural area – pristine, beautiful.  My roommates began to talk to me and I was asking them about my life.  They said that we were all working together on a sustainable farm that was owned by another one of my friends.  They said we were in Kansas, and that I had gone there in college to study agriculture.  That was where we had all met.

Messages from Friends, Loved Ones

I’ve had several experiences of having text or internet conversations with friends from this reality that “I” have never received.

The Faceless Friend

This experience may have been proceeded by several other events, but all I remember is being in a car with several male friends.  There was one who had bandages over much of his face.  He had a chronic illness and knew he would soon pass.  I remember holding him, and the love I felt for him.

Alternative Harry Potter Book

This one I just got a kick out of.  I saw a Harry Potter book that J.K Rowling wrote in another reality about Harry Potter’s Christmas adventures at Hogwarts.


I’ve had several experiences projecting into versions of reality where I know I am somewhere I lived or been in this reality but the landscape is very different.  For example, I had one of projecting in my hometown, Fitchburg, MA and it looked like something out of 15th Century Spain.


Strangely, many of the fleeting glimpses I’ve received of other realities have just been fragments of houses and other spaces.  For example, someone’s potted plant, a scientific microscope, wooden ceilings, mirrors, very mundane.

The Warring City

I began in a dark, almost post-apocalyptic city as part of an underground gang.  There were several feuding gangs in this underground, who were all involved in psychic/spiritual warfare.  After experiencing myself die in a gang war I incarnated again as an investigator, attempting to understand and mitigate the gang war.  There were several events that had a hyper realistic quality.  I remember eating there.  I remember the small, run-down apartments and even sleeping on a couch.  I remember walking through a very impoverished part of the city and seeing the crates where the homeless slept and left their things: a half-eaten carton of eggs, a plastic bag on the ground, all hauntingly vivid.  I would typically categorize this one as a very interesting dream however, I include it here because of the sheer physicality of the experience.


If you have similar projection/out of body/other worldly experiences I’d love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact me via the contact form on this website.



The Sound of the Universe

The Universe speaks – it whispers, in the changing of the leaves.  It sings in the songs of birds, the lifting of the wind.  When we listen, we find the entire world joined in a melodic dance, an orchestral suite.

I hear it in the silence, in the simple being of things.  The quiet presence of matter and element.  I dance to it – in a crowd of people, on a Saturday night, to music pulsing with thrill and adventure and danger, the swaying of bodies, the unifying joy, like the soaring and sweeping of strings.

This energy lives in the wild places, and in the common ones.  I have heard prophecies in intuition and song.  I have witnessed the presence of the Universe in numbers and synchronicity.  When I watch, when I listen, I sense the presence of something more than all around me.  I find that I am never alone, for I am just one part of a great commotion, a grand structure, a multifaceted beating heart.

The Universe speaks, every day, and every moment.  It writes poetry on faces and basks in delight.  It is there, even in the darkest hours, and perhaps then, it bears a different mask.  But when I look with love, I see that even its darkest mask is wondrous, artful, and dear.

I welcome – the sound of the universe, the holy vibration.  I AM the communion with All That Is.  I live within the belly of my own God presence – the ever expanding dance, of sight and sound, of rhythm and ecstasy.

I can never be parted from my greatest Beloved – the Godself, the Eternal Self.  And as the Universe sings to me, I sing its praises, too.  Glory – to the infinite, to the eternal, to the Presence, that pervades across the many doors of consciousness.