Spirit of the Trees

I see now that you

have a face and mouth

hands and many eyes

peering from the depths

connecting me with something

far within myself


your arms reach out

long and wide to embrace me

you hold all in your hands


sun and sky and earth


in your gentle majesty


I place my hands upon your bark

my light cascades into the ground


I can feel your roots

and the roots of your brothers

your sisters and your kin


bury me


I hear the sounds

of your slow voices

I sense the spirit within


the spirit that guides me



you have stories to tell.

I will listen.

The Giants and the Stars

She asked herself

if it was possible

to love unconditionally,

to gather herself up from the many winds


she wondered what it would be like

to feel whole again

to collect the pieces from all the people she had ever been


she looked in the mirror

and she wasn’t sure

if she’d ever know herself –

even if she could imagine, even if she could recall

her every form


she loved them back

from the battles

called them back from the horror

willed them back

from the places they’d been caught


could she look honestly

at every mistake,

every dream and every triumph?

The phantoms, the illusions

the cloaks and the daggers

still waiting for her in the dark?


The mighty embers –

the dreams of what could be,

the giants and the stars?

The Beloved


A poem inspired by Zion National Park


I call to you

wearing a mask of stone


my heavy slopes have fed

the deer

the hummingbird

the fly


Painted dreams

swirl and dance in my clay


my wildflowers smile beside sweet moss


I am the secret and sacred cove

there is a whole world that looms inside of me

mountain peaks and portals of illumination,

gateways to other realities


there are codes in me

that could lead one to immortality.


I am the one who has dreamt of canyons

lands as bright as snow,

cliffs as red as blood–

sacred groves


I have seen the black soil

empty like the womb of the world


I have heard your voice

as sweet as morning dew


you are glorious like the rising sun,

I have wondered at your breadth

for eons.


I am streaked in turquoise

like my mother,

sweet mother

the narrow river

who has carved and shaped me


my hair is silver like the dying trees

who watch upon my heights


the traveling birds await,

their crests as black as night

to soar – to dance and dream.


Gods have lived whole lives

in the time I have longed for you


It is possible that now

I could find you

and embrace you?


Oh how I yearn for you

like the river thirsts for the ocean,

the way the mountain seeks to know the starry sky


come to me, I say

as swift as night and as steady as the day

awaken, beloved, from your slumber


it has been too long since we were parted,

do you remember that we are one?

In other worlds and other times,

in all the dimensions above?


Come as steady as the birds that cross the seas and always find their way

come as steady as the tide

the phases of the moon —


I await.


Oh I come quicker than the summer storms

for my heart bursts with desire


I ride as quick as the night

there is no mountain, no creature

no danger that could dissuade me



as certain as the spring

as sweet to me as nectar,

the sap that runs in my trees.


I pray for safety in the dark

for the twists and turns may deceive me


you will be like the ocean’s waves

triumphant across the perilous way


the face of the desert flashes in the night

the sky is covered with clouds.

I bear no light to guide me.

I find myself descending

into the shadows of my mind…


Was I mistaken?

Was it an imposter

that mocked me all this way?


Could love be true

after all this pain?


The centuries alone

with no one to hold me

no voice,

no love

in those forsaken paradigms


cycling and cycling

without choice, without redemption

lost after time

dying for a way


Perhaps this was all a dream

of peace, of oneness —

a spirit

a malicious god

bewitched me?


For I see nothing more

than rock and toil,

the heat of an angry sky


my sweet love, look beyond the stones

and find my gentle streams

the rivers flood with expectation,

bring life to all above


beyond my mask there lies my treasure,

look into my caverns,

my springs cascade with light.


I fear, dear one

I have gone blind.


Than feel me waiting in the silky mist

the lofty windows

of your awakened soul


I am stone and fire,

the water and the wind


have no fear for

the swimming deer

takes little heed

the mountain squirrels burrow peacefully away


there is light in my soul

and darkness, too – 

but all is true in glorious harmony


do not fear

my gnarled roots

where antennae and winged beasts thrive.


I hear your waterfalls,

see your slopes lined with green

your luscious gardens grow in the desert heat


I hold my hand

to your secret springs


let me

calm your wildfire,

the depth of your ancient heart


the mist of the emerald water

streaks and mystifies


I rise

before the emerald waters,

moved by your devotion


a wondrous being

a cloaked one

holds in their hands an ancient mask of rock



reach out to mine,

orange from the clay


soft hands

touch my shoulders

my hips

and my legs


I remember, I remember

my beloved,

the one I’ve known in every world


my dear beloved

always within me 

and outside of me


All is one.

Lie with me.

We hold each other


weave across my skin


you whimper softly like a bird


there are lips


lips passing

lips meeting


your hands fall beneath,

touch me where no one has ever



I tell you,

I am the soul of all things


an ancient and sacred being.


I soften

as my body turns



streak above

with yellow wings



inside me

you reach


the water pools,

and I am swept away


I run like the river in paradise.