Still So Much I Do Not Know

The days roll on

and I wonder at their meaning


why are we here?

what are we all doing?


in this vast disconnection,

this fragmentation from ourselves…


I wonder about the journey home.

I wonder if I am home.


Did I originate in the stars?

have I seen other universes

and I just don’t remember?


for some reason

incarnating in this

space and time?


Perhaps I do not know it.

Perhaps I am home.


I wonder if I have created God,

or if God created me…


I suppose it does not matter

because I am sitting in the womb of all.

I am alive.

very much alive,



I am the breath.


and spirit



I hear

the dancing sounds

of the rain

pitter patter


I see the naked trees,

the frothy cover of wintertime.

My Heart Will Shine the Way

My heart is my compass, and it will guide me wherever I go.  It is my tool from the Universe, my steady way.  It knows where I must go, and what I must do.

My heart is my truest voice.

My eyes may be blinded by illusion.  My ears may be overcome with sound.  My thoughts may be filled with delusion and dismay.  Worry, anxiety, thoughts of the past and future – can all taint the thoughts of my mind.  But my heart is pure, and light, and filled with knowledge from the highest realms.  It is my heart that remembers, my heart that can shine the way.

The heart can never be tainted.  It is my compass in the realms of light and shadow.   The world may be filled with storms but I will not loose my way.  It is my comfort, it is my rod, my staff.  It cannot be corrupted, no matter how far I fall.

My heart is the voice of my soul.  It is my true vision.  It is that wisdom that lies at the center of my being, my instinctual knowing.  I attune to it.  My body is infused with it.  When I listen, I find my heart is loud.

My body, too, contains the wisdom of my heart.  My body is filled with senses far more than I know.  My body is magical.  Before I was born, I put codes of knowledge into this body.  I asked it to be my guide.  My body is my vehicle of light, of transformation.

I listen – to the sensations, the words, the knowledge of my body.  I trust, that I gave my body everything I would need.  For this life is a journey, and I did not come here blindly.  My vehicle is perfect, perfect for the experience I wish to have.  I love, and honor, this sacred craft.

I am an adventurer, a precious volunteer.  I rose my hand to have this experience.  And I remember – just how many souls, how many beings, wished to come here.  I am fortunate, for I am witnessing the birth of a new paradigm.

I will light up my way as best I can.  I will touch every soul along my path to their greatest potential.  I will love – knowing that as quickly as I came, one day I will go.

Until then, this life will be my greatest adventure.




I AM is your universal declaration.  It is your claim of being here and now.  It is the statement of sovereignty and freedom, within and without, a bold proclamation of consciousness:

I AM the eternal moment.  I am radiant bliss.  I am the sun and moon, the stars and the sky.  I am mountain, sea, and forest, wind, water, air and fire.  I am magic, Magician and Alchemist.  I am the child.  I am the elder.  I am the Fool and the Sage.

I am a spark of the infinite consciousness, and whatever I WILL, I create.

I AM the universe, the beginning and end, the alpha and omega.  I am the captain, the ship and the sea.   I am endless.  I am all possibility.  I am far more vast than what can be seen.  I am multidimensional.  My consciousness dances across immeasurable realities.

I AM whole.  I am incarnate.  I chose to love this imperfect life – in all its swings, its swirls, and in all its wonderful madness.

I AM a multitude.  I am truth, and I am lies.  I am the light and darkness.  I am dreams and fears.  I am separation, and I am unity.  There is nothing outside of me.  ALL IS ONE.  Nothing can break me or destroy me.  I am made of many colors, shades, and layers.  I AM prime creator, the Great Artist, intricate and majestic.

I did not incarnate to suffer, but rather to experience, the glory of ALL THAT I AM.