We strode among the mountaintops

laughed at its hearty depths

full of dangerous beauty, we dared

each other to the edge


A man of bold provocations

that only I could hear

“I am King of Earth and Sky,” he said,  “all this world is mine.”


He knew the mountain’s song

and weaved his legs between mine

he was a master of the dance,

sight and sound.


When his stomping feet

pierced the ground,

he threatened all with his daring


I slid myself beneath his toes

to stop the world from breaking.


Take me to the land of your fathers

the land where the fairies roam

show me your glorious feathers,

your alchemical lore.


Oh do not hide the marks of

your magnificent splendor,

the furious touch of the dragon

that looms in your hair


shift and shape and craft me

with your mighty blow

take me swift into the arms

of your magical cloak


there, I ride the winds of dreams

surpass the scope of all imagining

lose myself in the sweet vales

of all that can be known.

A Time and Place For Us

I love you,


with the grace and madness of storms


I love you

at a distance –



I love your walls

tenderly – I touch them,

hold them as dear to me

as your love

what will you do if I

never lose them?


hold onto you,

as long as you will have me


I wish I could say how much I long for you to

press me

touch me,

like the first time I

was naked in your arms


but the saying


suspends me


let me be naked, than

to show you how it goes

naked in mind, body, soul


I trust you

to care for me


you don’t know how for how long

we’ve misunderstood

speaking through such heavy walls



of words became distorted

fragments of pain and suffering


I say to you there will be a time,


a time and place for us.

In the Still

Looking in the mirror, I find you there

still, but very much present

like the presence of my being


you’re there

when I’m walking in the depths of my heart

still, like a barren tree

you stand behind every newly opened door


who knew

that all the pathways

somehow, led back to you

like the unfolding labyrinth

of God, compressed upon itself


fractals upon fractals

dancing in sweet ecstasy


I hold you like the trees hold one other

rising and falling,

two canopies – twisting


like the riverbed.

Notes on a Mad Love Affair

What a madman – stretching

the strings of my heart

across his body, across

his fragmented mind


he judges me still, I know

in there


I can still feel him tossing me about.


I’m on trial.  One moment he decides

I’m innocent.  The next

I hear the deadly proclamation –




I feel him in my mind when I’m dreaming.


Maybe we are not so apart.


Maybe – just maybe –

we deserve each other, after all –

who has these kind of secret


love affairs?


He’s dreaming

I’m yearning

and he still can’t decide…


I love him.

He is flawed.

So am I.


They were charged with hot

electrical momentum –

two fires that raged in the night

one after another they fell

in passion and desire

swept with madness across each other’s lives


he was like the ram,

powerful and alive

and she loved like a lion in the dark

howling for each other

breath upon breath,

their bodies swayed in a newfound trance


as they loved

their oceans burst together

rivers surged and forests burned with need,

will against will,

heart becoming one –

they fought their battles with unconditional love


wherever they went

death followed their steps,

the old ways died and their old lives


cities crashed

one by one on the horizon,

as the transformers reshaped the world in their dance


they bore one other

along the bones and broken dreams,

their bodies transfixed with mighty wonder –


there came the wings

borne across each other’s backs –

wings that promised of another chance.


I feel you in the winter wind,

I hear your voice as I lay

my head to sleep, wondering –

when you might come home again.


I have never had a love

touch me as deep as this –

lay inside my heart

and unfold its caress


I have never been so free

as when the ghost of you

walks with me in tender dreams,

and tells me of all that you might be

king sovereign

loving lord,


inside, and outside of me –  


hold me

because I do not think I can

bear it all –

knowing what you are to me,

and waiting…


but I tell you,

I would wait a thousand lives

for the chance to embrace you

one more time


you are longing,

on the inside of me

I feel your cries, your gentle



I am here,

I am not moving.

Stay inside.