Spirit of the Trees

I see now that you

have a face and mouth

hands and many eyes

peering from the depths

connecting me with something

far within myself


your arms reach out

long and wide to embrace me

you hold all in your hands


sun and sky and earth


in your gentle majesty


I place my hands upon your bark

my light cascades into the ground


I can feel your roots

and the roots of your brothers

your sisters and your kin


bury me


I hear the sounds

of your slow voices

I sense the spirit within


the spirit that guides me



you have stories to tell.

I will listen.

Inner Child, Inner Wisdom

Shouldn’t we be like

the children rejoicing

at every moment

of our eternity?


What made us lose

that wondrous play –

that sense of awe

at the infinite?


This world was meant to be our light,

our place of exploration,

but it breaks at the seams

with the tales of our delusion


severing from ourselves, we go

like broken shards

visages of all that we are, automatons


and yet the child within each of us

never dies, waits for our embrace

just behind.