I am limitless.

I am infinite potential.

I am one with the all encompassing creator.

I am one with all beings, one with all creation—one with the limitless expanse of space.




I am

experiencing myself in six billion pieces.

I am

the fractals, dancing in consciousness

I am the material world.

I am the body – the universe of the body.

I am every organ, every tissue, bone and blood.

I am nothing.  I am space.  I am the SILENCE

the Silence that pervades in all things.

There is no separation

between me and the infinite,

I draw all to me in limitless expanse.

I am

the stars, the galaxies, the implosions

the pulse and the rhythms of the dance:



crossing my mind, crossing my heart

dear beloved, he comes

in the ashes of before:

dance, dance

across my heart, dear beloved,

come evermore, into the expanse…


I am the rose.  I am the lark,

I am the warrior, the sword, the spear…

I am all time, I am all places—all things,

I am one with the limitless expanse.


Invincible, indestructible, flowing with all creation—

all knowledge, all time, all beings

all expressions—

the moon, the sky, the rose, the lark

singing in the glory of my heart—

Hallelujah, infinite


Eternal Flow

I am the way, the truth, and the life.

I am one with the sacred river, flowing with the eternal waters.  I am one with its serenity, one with its tremendous spring.

When I move with the river of life, I am one with all creation.

I flow – easily, effortlessly.  I am the vessel of abundant consciousness.  I embrace my true magical ability.  I am the Sovereign Creator.  Life was always meant to be easy.  It was always meant to be a celebration.  I love myself.  Life is my revelry!

I proclaim: life is not suffering.  Life is joy.  Life is love.  I am on the ultimate journey – of knowing myself, experiencing myself, loving myself.  I love every being that I encounter – for they are me.  Our souls are one in the water.

I surrender.  I recognize all phenomena as simply changes in the divine stream.  There will be times when the water is turbulent.  There will be times when it is slow.  I embrace it all: fully, wisely, discerningly.  I ride the waves, and times of peace, with equal stride.