Inner Child, Inner Wisdom

Shouldn’t we be like

the children rejoicing

at every moment

of our eternity?


What made us lose

that wondrous play –

that sense of awe

at the infinite?


This world was meant to be our light,

our place of exploration,

but it breaks at the seams

with the tales of our delusion


severing from ourselves, we go

like broken shards

visages of all that we are, automatons


and yet the child within each of us

never dies, waits for our embrace

just behind.

The Giants and the Stars

She asked herself

if it was possible

to love unconditionally,

to gather herself up from the many winds


she wondered what it would be like

to feel whole again

to collect the pieces from all the people she had ever been


she looked in the mirror

and she wasn’t sure

if she’d ever know herself –

even if she could imagine, even if she could recall

her every form


she loved them back

from the battles

called them back from the horror

willed them back

from the places they’d been caught


could she look honestly

at every mistake,

every dream and every triumph?

The phantoms, the illusions

the cloaks and the daggers

still waiting for her in the dark?


The mighty embers –

the dreams of what could be,

the giants and the stars?


Take me to the land of your fathers

the land where the fairies roam

show me your glorious feathers,

your alchemical lore.


Oh do not hide the marks of

your magnificent splendor,

the furious touch of the dragon

that looms in your hair


shift and shape and craft me

with your mighty blow

take me swift into the arms

of your magical cloak


there, I ride the winds of dreams

surpass the scope of all imagining

lose myself in the sweet vales

of all that can be known.

Eternal Dancer

I do not understand

your unfathomable way

Master Mistress, how you weave my fate

eyes veiled I go

where no one else will dare

Eternal Dancer, you enchant me in your wake

I go where you do lead, as you reside in my heart

you rise and fall, live and die within me,

and I within you

the form and unformed, the realized and unrealized.


I love you in every costume you wear,

I love your every rendition

you nourish me – wherever I go

you hold me in the strength of your arms,

and when I go blind, I turn to you.

I am not afraid,

for you are with me at every cross.