A Time and Place For Us

I love you,


with the grace and madness of storms


I love you

at a distance –



I love your walls

tenderly – I touch them,

hold them as dear to me

as your love

what will you do if I

never lose them?


hold onto you,

as long as you will have me


I wish I could say how much I long for you to

press me

touch me,

like the first time I

was naked in your arms


but the saying


suspends me


let me be naked, than

to show you how it goes

naked in mind, body, soul


I trust you

to care for me


you don’t know how for how long

we’ve misunderstood

speaking through such heavy walls



of words became distorted

fragments of pain and suffering


I say to you there will be a time,


a time and place for us.

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"Let all you do, be done in love."

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