What a Sweet Surprise to Love You As I do


For a man with Asperger’s


Six months apart

and I’ve never felt closer to you

images of you

weave into my heart

you were so lovely

when you were twenty two –

lovelier, still, when you came to me


you will be lovely, too

when your hair is cast in gray

deep wrinkles set about your eyes,

sweet lips entrenched in time


I love you most when you are hurting

when you curl your knees into your chest

when you hide your feelings from me,

when you don’t let anybody in


I love you, too

when you bring me to the trees

and teach me how to speak with them,


you taught me the tongue of the butterflies.


I love you even when you’re so lost

in a puzzle, in a game –

when your mind won’t cease its thoughts,

and I don’t hear from you for days.


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"Let all you do, be done in love."

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