She was learning

that it’s okay to say no –

time to let go

of all her burdens


casting down the heavy weight

of all that came before,

she put down her armor and sword

they were the means by which

she had fought and conquered,

but there were no more battles to be won


it was lovely

to cast herself to the mighty wind

and in the sky she was promised

a new beginning,

a life on a foreign shore…


the river led the way

and she learned to move with its grace

upon the changes of life, she made no resistance –

she learned to release, just as easily as she obtained

she closed her eyes and knew she was

a fragment of the divine


just as much as she loved

herself she loved all beings

through the trials and unknowing,

she went on,

with no armor, no sword, no weaponry.

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"Let all you do, be done in love."

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