I feel you in the winter wind,

I hear your voice as I lay

my head to sleep, wondering –

when you might come home again.


I have never had a love

touch me as deep as this –

lay inside my heart

and unfold its caress


I have never been so free

as when the ghost of you

walks with me in tender dreams,

and tells me of all that you might be

king sovereign

loving lord,


inside, and outside of me –  


hold me

because I do not think I can

bear it all –

knowing what you are to me,

and waiting…


but I tell you,

I would wait a thousand lives

for the chance to embrace you

one more time


you are longing,

on the inside of me

I feel your cries, your gentle



I am here,

I am not moving.

Stay inside.

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"Let all you do, be done in love."

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