Candid Thoughts on Being a Medium



It took me a while to accept that I was a medium.  I had a stereotypical picture in my mind of what being a medium was.  I didn’t hear the voices of the dead when I was in a grocery store, or speak to anyone’s deceased grandma and grandpa.

We have all mediumship abilities.  We all have psychic abilities.  I believe that the true state of humanity is one of subtle and energetic awareness.  Everyone is capable of opening and connecting with these pathways.  For some of us, it takes more work.  Many go through some sort of spiritual awakening process.  But everyone carries the seed.  The potential is inside each of us, like a plant just waiting for soil and sun.

Mediums are often thought of communicating with the dead, and that can certainly be an aspect of it.  For me, mediumship means I receive communication from aspects of consciousness that aren’t visible to the human eye.  It could be the recently deceased, but it could also be from other dimensions, life forms in other time spaces, future you’s, future me’s, higher selves, spirit guides, other beings or the universe itself.

Perhaps a more appropriate word is a channel, or a bridge between the physical world and the unseen.

Of course, it is an illusion that such a bridge is needed.  In reality, we are all already one.  But I recognize the need for some terminologies in an illusion of separation.  We are playing a game of consciousness and perception with one another.

Often times, when I am speaking with other people, I receive information about them beyond what I’d be able to gauge with only the five senses.  I am able to see, or I am shown, the energies around them and their situations.  I get intuitive, “gut” feelings, about what might help them, or how to clear what’s blocking them.  I am also sensitive to energetic shifts in the collective.  During major times of transition, I can pick up what’s happening in the universe at large.  I often receive visions, or intuitive knowings, about the changes coming about for the collective.  Sometimes, these transitions can be quite dense, other times, they are exciting and refreshing.  Other times, I get uncanny sensations, difficult to “put a finger on” that we’ve made a major timeline shift, or shift in perspective.

At times, this awareness can be overwhelming.  There are many people with psychic abilities who attempt to numb out, or ground themselves, with addictions and substances.  I’ve had to learn to take care of myself.  This is one of the bittersweet aspects of being sensitive to energy.  If I don’t take time for self care, I can easily get pulled down by other’s peoples energies, difficulties, and constructs.  I am often most comfortable on my own, though I certainly have an extroverted side, too.  I am still learning how to make good boundaries, maintain a healthy regimen, and keep myself in a strong, stable vibration.  I believe that what a medium, or a sensitive, perceives, is connected with their own state of consciousness.  When I am vibrating high (feeling happy, healthy, secure, and one with the universe) I am more apt to see the strength, resilience, and utter miracle in every human I meet.  I find I am able to act as a clear conduit, and energies pass right through me.  But if I am going through something, shifting, releasing, having a dark night of the soul (which is part of the healing, or ascension process), what I see reflected back to me is much denser.  People’s stuff can “stick” onto me, and if I’m not doing well, this entanglement can last several days.  I try not think of this as either a “negative” or “positive” thing, though I’ve certainly had my struggles with it.  It simply is, and I’ve done my best to respect, love, and honor it.

When I meditate, I regularly encounter beings, energies, and intelligent consciousnesses from the subtle realms and higher dimensions.  Sometimes, they come so clear to me it’s like watching HDTV.  Recently, I had a vision of Krishna that was like seeing him in front of me.  He had beautiful, sparking skin and a radiant, joyous smile.  Other times, the visions are less clear.  They can come to me in black and white, or almost as if they are over a cloudy signal.  I also receive information that’s typically thought of as originating in the Akashic Record, or the theoretical “library of the universe”.  I am able to connect with past lives, or you might say “past” and “future” selves (I put these terms in parenthesis because past and future do not really exist.  Everything is happening concurrently in a now moment).  If I meditate on a person, I am able to see their past incarnations as well, which typically is relevant to their healing process.

I can be influenced by other people’s thoughts, patterns, and perceptions, sometimes without my awareness.  I’ve gotten better at being able to tell whether it’s truly me, or the person at the other end of the cord.  You see, when two people form a relationship, they form energetic cords with each other, and when you are sensitive, you can feel the other person “tugging the cord”.  For example, you may have an ex partner thinking about reaching out to you and rekindling a relationship.  You may not have any knowledge of this in the physical, but you start to think of them too, and may even start to think of reaching out to them as a consequence of their own thought-processes.

Trippy, huh?

I think that the universe is trippy, but really, it’s not just “mediums” or “sensitives” or “empaths” that are affected by these energies.  I’ve met and encountered some mediums and psychics that think they’re better than other people just because they have these abilities.  Realistically, everyone is affected by energy, and everyone is tapped into it.  Whether we know it or not, we are all bound in the vast internet of information that creates and sustains the universe.  I used to think I was crazy.  Hell, sometimes I still think I’m crazy.  But I want people to know that life is far more than the physical.  Our minds have the incredible, and seemingly inexplicable, ability to exist across multiple layers of creation and perception.






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