Come As You Are


come just as you are

for I am longing to adore you

with flowers in your hair

and love upon your cheeks

I entreat you–

rest your weariness upon me

for my arms were made for yours,

my heart shaped to love yours.


Come again

and pierce my sight

with those sharp eyes of the north

your gaze as quick as oceans

as wise as the Earth,

wondrous, like the spheres of heaven.


You are lofty, like a dream

brilliant in mind and soul

come again, my love, come again…

find me filled with love

my flowers bloom with sweet nectar

my rivers swell with milk and honey


if all of nature

plays in our sweet symphony–

shall we dance?

My love, shall we not dance?

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"Let all you do, be done in love."

2 thoughts on “Come As You Are”

  1. I really will enjoy reading your blog…the background colors of soft pastel pink and salmon colors are soothing …Peace😌
    Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts and feelings….so nice reconnecting…hugs


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