Angels, Masters, and Monsters

Remember that you walk among Angels and Masters.  You exist within a Buddha’s realm – you are a Buddha, and so is every soul around you.  You cannot judge those you encounter based on how you experience them.  Everyone is playing a role in the master play.  The person you experience as ignorance, greed, darkness, or suffering and pain – is playing a role, and so are you.  This is our grand experiment in separation. When we as a collective, wondered, “what if?”:  everything suddenly was, all of our timespaces, all of our possibilities created in a curiousity.

“You are the villain in someone else’s story” – Unknown

We created the theatre of separation.  On the other side, everyone decides their roles.  One will be the victim, and the other the perpetrator, one the villain, the other the hero.  These roles cycle back and forth, and experiences of self-mastery are had on both sides. But over time, the awareness of this interplay became lost. We became attached to our roles, experience delusion, pain, and suffering.  As the Buddha teaches, we become attached to temporary, conditional phenomena.  I believe that this is the origin of karma, too, the distortion, the fragmentation, that occurs when consciousness perceives it is separate from itself.

In reality, there was nothing ever to learn, no progress to be made, no journey to undertake.  The soul is all knowing, aware, and witnesses without discrimination.  It holds the higher mind awareness, the enlightenment, that All is One.

“The underground of a city is like what’s underground in people.  Beneath the surface, it’s boiling with monsters” – Guillermo Del Toro

Every human incarnates with elements of both light and dark.  We are experiencing a timespace, a condition, where we are both God and animal, Master and monster.  Even those of us who are spiritual can lose ourselves in the narrative of separation.  We imagine a grand battle of light triumphing over dark, sustain a story of “us vs. them”, divide the grand spiritual landscape into one of war.  In doing so, we continue to perpetuate the consciousness of separation, the very dream that ensnares us in illusion (samsara).  We create division, and tribes, and nations, and prejudice around this story.

The truth is, we forgot that we are all the same. We are all experiencing this condition of Mastery and madness.  We are temporarily experiencing ourselves as both shadow and terror, angel and demon – the breadth of the lightest to densest expression.

I believe that the illusion of separation is one of the key delusions that sustains the 3D old earth paradigm.  We cannot hold onto templates of separation any longer. It is time to transform, time to venture within.








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