I AM is your universal declaration.  It is your claim of being here and now.  It is the statement of sovereignty and freedom, within and without, a bold proclamation of consciousness:

I AM the eternal moment.  I am radiant bliss.  I am the sun and moon, the stars and the sky.  I am mountain, sea, and forest, wind, water, air and fire.  I am magic, Magician and Alchemist.  I am the child.  I am the elder.  I am the Fool and the Sage.

I am a spark of the infinite consciousness, and whatever I WILL, I create.

I AM the universe, the beginning and end, the alpha and omega.  I am the captain, the ship and the sea.   I am endless.  I am all possibility.  I am far more vast than what can be seen.  I am multidimensional.  My consciousness dances across immeasurable realities.

I AM whole.  I am incarnate.  I chose to love this imperfect life – in all its swings, its swirls, and in all its wonderful madness.

I AM a multitude.  I am truth, and I am lies.  I am the light and darkness.  I am dreams and fears.  I am separation, and I am unity.  There is nothing outside of me.  ALL IS ONE.  Nothing can break me or destroy me.  I am made of many colors, shades, and layers.  I AM prime creator, the Great Artist, intricate and majestic.

I did not incarnate to suffer, but rather to experience, the glory of ALL THAT I AM.