Like Winter

She asks me to love her like winter

like the gnarled cries of the bare trees

she longs to be adored

like the bitter sting of cold at her feet

she begs for worship,

for love to melt like crystals

hands and lips to greet her tongue and gentle cheeks.

“Be pleasing to my taste,” she begs

like the winter air that loves my lungs.”


The tender snow graces her hair and

with the sweetness of God shaping every snowflake

I feel my body my sins my soul

the ice cascading in my breath—


“Love me the way you love the night

like the heavy ice that shapes the branches.

Melt with reluctance.

Die before you are parted from me.

Bear me like the winter earth, like the ice beneath my feet.

Love me with your every naked limb and longing cry.”

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"Let all you do, be done in love."

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